The studio will be closed on the following days because we will be attending markets: June 3 (Louisiana Peach Festival), 4-20 (Glass Art Society Conference/Family Vacation); August 15-31 (Studio Glass Coordinator at Pilchuck Glass School).

Workshops vs. Classes

Workshops vs. Classes

The glassblowing workshops provide an immersive experience in the creation of a beautiful work of art. With the guidance of a skilled glassblower, you will be led through the process step by step, ensuring your safety and enjoyment throughout. From selecting your object and colors to applying the colors to the hot glass and sculpting it with various tools or inflating it with air, you will be given the opportunity to participate in every aspect of the creation process. Technical information is readily provided to ensure you gain a thorough understanding of the process. Once completed, your masterpiece will be placed in an annealer to cool overnight and will be ready for pick up or shipping the following day.
For those seeking to take their glassblowing skills to the next level, the 8-week intensive class offers a comprehensive curriculum that will prepare you for a career as a professional glassblower or hobbyist. We recommend attending a workshop before committing to the 8-week class, to ensure that you are comfortable with the heat and willing to invest in your skills development.

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